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During my work

as a Spanish tutor, I developed two programs specifically aimed at those students that are already living (or planning to live) in Peru or would like to start to learn the language right from the beginning, gaining confidence and fluency while learning the most common expressions in Spanish.

You can learn more here

What are the contents of the program?

Beginner's Program I

Complete it in 15 classes! 

How to introduce yourself in Spanish

Common and useful expressions to greet and say goodbye 

Main ways and topics to start a conversation: interests, work, family.

How to pronounce properly in Spanish and gain fluency through conversation

How to use the most important verbs in Spanish in the PRESENT TENSE in a very simplified way

How to describe something, someone or some everyday situation 

Learn some useful vocabulary to order something at a restaurant or do some shopping: numbers, food, weather, locations...

and much MORE!

What are the contents of the program?

The FUTURE: Vamos a comer!

How to compare two things in Spanish: más, menos, igual...

Some of the most common reflexive verbs! Me levanto, me peino, me ducho...

Get to know some of the most common expressions and their differences in Spanish: mucho, muy, más... conocer vs. saber... por vs. para

How to use the most important verbs in Spanish in the PAST TENSE in a very simplified way

To give some simple orders and advice 

Learn some more useful vocabulary: at the doctor's, at the stadium, on holidays...

... and much MORE!

Beginner's Program II

Only 15 classes! 

I would like to share with you some of the reviews I've had from some of my students

Marie Hynes, Iowa, USA

Spanish class review
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